Healthy Hot Chocolate

Don’t you LOVE it when those two words end up in the same sentence!?!  Healthy and Chocolate!  Okay, first of all maybe I should disclose that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and maybe I’m not qualified to declare whether or not this is “health food”.  BUT considering how much food I have consumed in my lifetime….I’m going to say that I’m a bit of a food expert.  And there is a vegetable in my hot chocolate, people!  Therefore I’m putting it on the healthy list!  Oh yeah, this is really happening!  Honestly, I don’t know why it tastes so good but it just does!  Test it out for me; sneak it into your child’s or your partner’s or your boss’s mug and see what happens.

  • 1/3 cup Butternut Squash Puree*
  • 1 cup low fat milk (I always have 1% milk)
  • 1/4 cup Semisweet Chocolate, chopped (you can even use chocolate chips)
  • Fresh Grated Nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

If you are lucky enough to have a double boiler in your home, it will be perfect for this recipe.  I’m using my Grandmother’s double boiler and I think everything just tastes better when it’s made in something that has some history.

If you don’t have a double boiler, use a pan with a bowl placed on top.  Boil water in the bottom pan and combine the milk and chocolate in the top pan (or bowl).  Once the chocolate starts to melt stir in the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Alright, if you don’t have whole nutmeg you can use the ground nutmeg.  But I highly recommend whole nutmeg and grating it yourself.  It really does make a difference and it only takes about 12 seconds to grate.  Once the chocolate is completely melted slowly stir in the butternut squash.

Pour through a sieve placed over a bowl.  This is to ensure that there are no clumps of squash floating in your hot chocolate.

Pour the chocolatey goodness into mugs and enjoy!

Why, yes, those are chocolate-dipped marshmallows I’ve served along side.   I don’t know what came over me…..the double boiler was out and already dirty and it just seemed appropriate to melt some chocolate and take a giant marshmallow for a swim!

For a festive touch dip into a bowl of Christmas colored sprinkles.

*Alright, so I must admit that I am in the baby-food-making stage of life and I literally have a freezer stocked of butternut squash puree.  If you don’t happen to have this awesome veggie living in your freezer, simply roast it and puree in a blender or food processor.  Follow the steps from the blog post Butternut Squash Baby.   OR if you don’t feeling like breaking out the roasting pan, you can buy butternut squash puree in the freezer section at the grocery store.  Thaw it and use some of the puree for this hot chocolate recipe and use the rest for a soup.  Yummm, now that sounds like a nice wintertime meal!



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I am a foodie and a mommy, sharing my passion for good food and exposing my family to new flavors.
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26 Responses to Healthy Hot Chocolate

  1. briarrose says:

    I will have to try this for I do love some hot chocolate. 😉 The marshmallows are just made of win. 😉

  2. sue says:

    I did these marshmallows and stuck a red and white stripe in the non choc end and gave these “hot choc stirers” as gifts in pretty bags!

  3. Haha, my first thought must have been your first thought too since it was the first sentence in your post! Anyway, what a unique recipe! I’m so curious I might have to try it. Plus it’s very cold here in Chicago where I live, so I’m always looking for something warm.

  4. Yum! the Marsh mellows look SO pretty! *love*

  5. Babygirl says:

    You are so right.. I loved the three words Healthy Hot Chocolate as soon as I saw this post. I absolutely love your recipe for this. Simply looks delicious with the marshmallows.. Love this post!

  6. gregorbucik says:

    omg those mellows look great 😀 just amazing!

  7. writeway73 says:

    I wish this came in an easy “packet” so I could drink it at the office! Great post!

  8. ElenaSC says:

    Wow! This is really good!
    Well, please allow me to share with you the recipe of authentic Italian Hot Chocolate.
    Thanks again for this healthy version!

  9. mymealstoday says:

    What a terrific idea! I’m also in the babyfood stage of life and have yet to make butternut squash puree because I couldn’t fathom what to do with the quantity of it all. This is my favorite alternative use yet.

  10. Jean says:

    Very interesting use of squash for hot chocolate drink.

    I grew up with stir fried squash. Mymealstoday, my mother sends over her gently cooked squash for her grandchildren. One of them is only 9 months old and he is liking it. 🙂

  11. JP says:

    The hot chocolate is very delicious even without the marshmallows. But having them all at once makes me wish those pictures will be real. You can also read my blog at:

  12. Shreya says:

    This is amazing!! Can’t wait to try it =D
    The marshmallows make it particularly tempting!!

  13. What a cheeky idea!! Love it.

  14. Erin Hutton says:

    When you wrote that you had put a veggie in the hot chocolate I was hoping it would be butternut squash!! I just discovered the joys of chocolate and butternut squash last night when I made cookie bars with butternut puree and chocolate chips. I had some squash left and was going to use it for something savory, but now I might have to make hot chocolate… oh dear… 🙂

  15. This looks so great! I saw healthy and hot chocolate in the same sentence and i was hooked.

  16. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow what an interesting recipe for a hot chocolate, I love chocolate and butternuts so this is a must try for me.


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