Roasted Peppers

A few days ago my Mom came to visit me…well, alright maybe she also came to visit my little girl, her granddaughter.  She came bearing fruits and veggies.  She had several bell peppers and a bunch of mini sweet peppers.  They were gorgeous however after a few days they started to get really angry and were ready for me to cook them.  Really, they were starting to yell at me every time I opened the fridge, as if they were saying “I’m tired of lookin’ at your face!”  So it was time to cook!

Have you ever noticed how expensive a jar of roasted peppers is?  Have you noticed how cheap the fresh bell peppers are, by comparison, in the produce aisle?  Roasting your own peppers is really very easy and it’s cost efficient.  Sure, it takes a little more time and a little more elbow grease than opening that jar but, come on, you can do it.  Plus it’s a great way to use up peppers that are on the verge of getting ugly!

Wash and dry the peppers.

There are a couple of options for roasting.  The best option is a screaming hot grill but as it’s winter and snowing outside that option is not my favorite right now.  The second best option is an open flame on a gas cooktop.

Rotate the pepper often so that the skin will blacken and char on all sides.

The third option for roasting peppers is to use your oven.  Turn the oven to broil and allow it to get nice and hot.  Lightly drizzle the peppers with olive oil or spray with cooking spray.  Line a baking sheet with foil (for easy clean up).

Roast in the oven for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the peppers.  Make sure to turn the peppers so all sides are charred.

Don’t be scared, the peppers are supposed to look like they are burnt and now they really are angry peppers.  Immediately transfer the hot peppers to a bowl and cover with saran wrap.  Allow the peppers to sit for at least 10 minutes.  We are creating a little sauna for the peppers that will allow the skin to loosen and peel of easily.

Here comes the elbow grease part….Once the peppers have cooled peel the skin off.  Get dirty and simply use your fingers to pull the skin off.

Now you are left with a beautiful and naked pepper.  At this point you can remove the stem and seeds and use the roasted peppers as you wish.

Stay tuned to see what scrumptious recipes I used these roasted peppers in.





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I am a foodie and a mommy, sharing my passion for good food and exposing my family to new flavors.
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7 Responses to Roasted Peppers

  1. LBS says:

    I love roasting my own peppers! I think the flavor is much better than the jarred variety. I have an electric stovetop, so I use the broiler method. There are so many delicious uses for them – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. KC says:

    The peppers I tend to roast most often are the assorted chile peppers I might use in Chili or salsa and the like. I favor the gas burner, and once the skin is charred I toss them into a brown paper bag, which acts as you say, like a skin-peeling-sauna. For some reason I really like the simplicity of the brown paper bag.

  3. Louise says:

    We use a lot of roast capsicum (what you call peppers) I always use the oven method, it’s probably a bit slower, but you can just put them in and when you smell roasting capsicum then they’re about done. Perfect every time.

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  5. sabjimata says:

    Great tutorial!

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